Announcing New DDA Service: Overnight Respite

Community-based short-term respite for adults with developmental disabilities who live in the family home.

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Overnight Planned Respite is a new community-based service for adult clients of the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) who live in the family home. It offers a break to paid and unpaid family caregivers (as well as unpaid non-family caregivers), and provides individualized activities and support for the adult client.

Services are Provided in a Community Setting, such as a home or apartment staffed by contracted, certified providers. Each respite setting serves one person at a time, using a person-centered plan developed with the individual and family to create a schedule and activities that meet the person’s needs.

Respite Settings are Currently Located in four areas of the state: Marysville, Shoreline, Tacoma and Yakima.

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How it Works

Boxes with check markService Request
Contact your family member’s DDA Case Manager to request Overnight Planned Respite for a period of dates (up to 14 days in a calendar year) that you would like to plan a break from caregiving.

Your Case Manager will review your family member’s CARE Assessment with you to ensure the information is up-to-date. Overnight Planned Respite does not affect (or reduce) assessed respite hours received through a waiver program. It is assessed and approved as a separate service.

The Adult Respite Service Committee will review your request and updated assessment. The committee reviews requests up to 90 days in advance of your requested respite dates.

Provider Agreement and Plan
Once approved, you will work with the provider to develop a detailed Individual Provider Agreement that outlines the activities and supports that your family member will receive while in the program, including schedule, in home and community activities, food, hobbies, etc.


To be eligible for Overnight Planned Respite, an individual must:

  • be eligible for DDA services;
  • be age 18 or older; live at home with a family caregiver (paid or unpaid) or non-family caregiver (unpaid) who needs a break from caregiving;
  • have support needs that can be safely accommodated in an available contracted and certified setting;
  • receive approval by the statewide Adult Respite Service Committee.


Printable Bulletin:

Overnight Planned Respite (PDF)



Updated on Aug/21/2017

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