Assistive Technology for DDA Clients

Assistive Technology Opportunity for DDA Clients and Providers

Did you know that funding was provided to purchase 4,394 phones to share with DDA clients and providers? The purpose is for clients and providers to have access to the technology needed to engage fully in remote services.

We currently have 1,900 iPhones with a service plan from 12 to 18 months (depending on when the phone is given out) with unlimited data, text, and Wi-Fi hotspot capability. These phones are ready to be distributed to clients and or providers who may not otherwise have access to participate in remote services.

When the service plan has ended, T-Mobile will unlock the phone and the end-user can continue using the phone with any carrier.

If you need a phone for remote services, please contact your DDA Case Resource Manager to request a phone as soon as possible.  These phones will be given out on a first come first serve basis.

If you are a DDA contracted Individual Provider, or a DDA client not currently assigned to a case manager and would like to request a smartphone to access remote services, please follow the instructions and submit a request form to the region you reside in.

DDA Region 1 External iPhone Request Form

DDA Region 2 External iPhone Request Form

DDA Region 3 External iPhone Request Form




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