Supporting Real Lives Across the Life Course

Infant with Down syndrome lying on a white blanket with red and yellow dots. Infant has a feeding tube.

Find opportunities for your child to grow and develop. Learn about early intervention services and connect with other families.

Young Latina smiling, wearing a white dress with sparkly silver cut outs.

Transitioning from birth-to-three services to the school system comes with a series of changes and challenges. The road is bumpy, but help is available.

Learn ways for your child to be included in school and your local community. Inclusion is key to your child’s social, psychological and cognitive development.

Smiling mom and dad standing outside their home with their son who has disabilities. Their son is wearing a purple high school graduation gown.

Help your son/daughter transition to life as an adult by making the most of high school transition services and be prepared for the day the school bus stops coming.

Close up of a smiling young man of color with a developmental disability who is wearing a work uniform with green cap and white polo shirt with green color. Name tag says The Fresh Market.

Adult services, housing, employment, independent living. Find out what’s available and how to create a system of support outside the family home.

Adult son with developmental disabilities and his senior mother standing on their back porch, smiling.

As your son or daughter gets older, you're faced with a complex set of issues, concerns and emotions to navigate. No longer are your adult child's needs the only ones to consider. As you age, your needs are changing too.

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