Rental Assistance

Rental assistance to low-income individuals is available two ways:

  • Section 8 rental assistance vouchers. These vouchers can be used anywhere a landlord accepts Section 8 assistance.
  • Location-based subsidized apartments.

Both types of rental assistance are provided under Housing & Urban Development. Click here to learn more about rental assistance, home ownership, and the location of your Public Housing Agency.

Homechoice Program

Down payment assistance for low-to-moderate income individuals with disabilities (or families which include individuals with disabilities) seeking to own a home. (Visit website)

Home Ownership Resource Center

The Washington Homeownership Resource Center (WHRC) offers resources for first-time homebuyers, current homeowners, and homeowners who may be facing foreclosure.

Low Income Energy Assistance Program

Help families keep their heat on, especially those that are most vulnerable, such as the elderly, the disabled and young children.

Partners4Housing: Free Benefits and Housing Review 

Partners4Housing is offering free benefits and housing review thanks to a generous fund from the Developmental Disabilities Council’s Dan Thompson Memorial Fund. Accessing this review will include an online questionnaire, a review of benefits, 1-hour consultation to discuss housing options and tips for accessing benefits, and access to their roommate matching pool (by invitation). This review is available to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are 17 and older.


Housing Options: Renting

In this first of a three-part series, Alexa Atkins shares the process she went through in planning to move into her own apartment. The coordination of services and housing needs is important in developing a successful living arrangement.


Housing Options: Home Ownership

In this second segment of a three-part series, Shawma Hardeman (with PC2 Homeownership Program) talks abouth how individuals with developmental disabilities can become homeowners.


Housing Options: Innovative Housing Options

In this third and final segment of our housing series, Rose Finnegan, a founding member of Life Enrichment Options, details how families formed together in Issaquah to develop housing for their adult children (and other adults) with developmental disabilities.


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