Ages 21-40: Overview

Whether you’re just beginning to get a sense of the adult service system or you’re well traveled and somewhat weary, the need for information remains constant. Chances are your son or daughter is living in your family home. If not, he or she is still very much a part of your life and it’s important to stay informed about changes in programs and eligibility requirements.

It goes without saying, but is worth reinforcing: involve your son or daughter in all aspects of planning and decision-making about his or her life. Support your adult child in making choices, gaining independence, being involved in your local community and continuing to develop goals that reflect his or her interests and strengths.

The good news is that since turning 18, your son or daughter’s income is used to determine financial eligibility for publicly funded health care, personal care, vision services, durable medical equipment, some dental care and other income-based services, such as supplemental security income and food stamps.