Ages 6-14: Overview

Once your child is established in elementary school, it’s important to start planning for the changes and challenges that lie ahead as your child transitions to middle school, high school and beyond. Understanding the educational and service systems will be important, but equally important is getting connected to other families and broader local community supports.

Although services may always be a part of your child’s life, it’s relationships with people—not systems—that form the building blocks for your child’s future. As you and your child move through this stage of life together, never give up thinking about ways to ensure that they are included at school and in your local community. Inclusion is key to your child’s ability to live a full life and pursue their dreams.

To learn more, watch Navigating Your Way: Ages Six to Fourteen for a bird’s eye view of services, supports and resources to help guide you through this stage of life.

[If you have seen the video before and wish to skip the introduction, jump ahead to the :53 second mark.]


Additional Materials

Resources 6-14 | Spanish

Video Transcript for Ages 6-14 (Word)


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