Ages 40+: Overview


As your son or daughter gets older, you’re faced with a complex set of issues, concerns and emotions to navigate. No longer are your adult child’s needs the only ones to consider. As you age, your needs are changing too.

Planning for a time when you are no longer there to support your son or daughter can feel so overwhelming, you may feel like putting it off. Just know that those who do plan for the future feel better for having done so.

As you move through this guide, find what feels comfortable to you and begin with that. For many families, just getting help to sort through social security benefits is a big step. With your retirement, death or disability, your son or daughter will be eligible to receive benefits from your social security income as a disabled adult child, known as DAC.

If you do nothing else right now, listen to the options available to you and your adult child and consider connecting with other families who face similar concerns and issues.