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Our one-page bulletins provide trusted information about services, supports, and resources for individuals and families. Topics range from IEP preparation, life after high school, navigating relationships, positive behavior support, understanding the service system, and issues for those with a dual diagnosis of developmental disability and mental illness.

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However, some people who typically do not file returns will need to submit a simple tax return to receive the economic impact payment.

2024 Bulletin Topics:

Companion Homes: 24 Hour Support in a Typical Home Setting
Earned Income Tax Credit (2023)
Overnight Planned Respite Services (Update Jan. 2024)
Transportation Services Through Apple Health
Applying for Social Security Income (Over 18 – Initial Application)
Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation: Know the Signs (Updated 4/24)
Glossary of Terms: CDWA
Glossary of Terms: Intellectual and Developmental Disability Services 
Respite Options 
Durable Medical Equipment 
End Harm: Reporting Abuse
Mental Health Resources
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)
Guardianship Process 
Guardianship Overview
Guardianship: Tips for Good Record Keeping

2023 Bulletin Topics:

Employment and Community Inclusion Services English | Spanish| Vietnamese 
Specialized Equipment and Supplies
Remote Supports: A new waiver service from the DSHS’ Developmental Disabilities Administration
Summer Resources for Families 2023
Waiver Servies: What services are available, how to find providers, and more. 
Applying for Social Security (Under 18)
Childcare Resources in Washington State
Transition Services

2022 Bulletin Topics:

Crisis Resource and Information | Spanish | Vietnamese 
DDA Eligibility Flow Chart (Updated 5/23)
New Washington Adult Guardianship Law
COVID-19 Testing and Resources
DDA Email Initiative 
Transition Out of Subminimum Wage in Washington 
Becoming an Individual Provider with CDWA
DDA Waiver Availability and How to Request | Spanish
ECEAP and Head Start: Services by DCYF 
DDA Signature Options
Low-Income Energy Assistance Program for DDA Clients | Spanish 
DDA No Paid Service Caseload 

2021 Bulletin Topics:

Winter 2021 Newsletter
Distance-Based Observation and Reporting Waiver Available 
Recovery Services for Special Education 2021/2022 School Year
Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccine Resources
Secure Email Messaging How To (Updated)
Healthy Relationships: Childhood Years
Healthy Relationships: Middle School Years
Healthy Relationships: Young Adult Years and Beyond
Supported Decision-Making | Spanish | Somali | Russian | Vietnamese
Planned Action Notice | Vietnamese
Become a Respite in the Community Provider
DDA Assessment and Teams (How To)
American Rescue Plan (COVID Relief) |Spanish | Somali | Vietnamese
Overnight Planned Respite Services
Let’s Talk COVID-19 Vaccine (Plain Language)

2020 Bulletin Topics:

New Waiver Service: Specialized Habilitation
Electronic Visit Verification Live-In Provider Exemption
Health Insurance Premium Payment Program
Becoming a Specialized Habilitation Provider
How to Make the Most of Home Assessments
Q&A: Home Care and COVID
Payroll Tax Deferral: What Does it Mean for You?
The 411 on Face Coverings at Home
Face Coverings and Disability Q&A
Ready, Set Know: COVID Scams
Consumer Directed Employer (CDE): New Phased Plan Announced
Emergency Rules Related to COVID-19
Ready, Set Know: Unemployment Benefit Fraud
Personal Protective Equipment for Individual Providers
Pre-Meeting Support & Resources Toolkit for Clients of DDA
General Support and Resources for People Who are Not Clients of DDA
Are Remote Services Right for You?
Job Foundation Value Based Pilot Program | English | Amharic | Arabic | Chinese (Simplified) | Chinese (Traditional) |Korean | Russian| Somali| Spanish | Ukranian | Vietnamese
Making the Most of Education During COVID-19
Economic Impact Payments (Plain Language) | English | Somali | Vietnamese
COVID-19: Unemployment Benefits & Medicaid Flowchart
TED: Telecommunications Equipment Distribution
CARES Act: What’s in it for You? English | Somali | Vietnamese
Let’s Talk COVID-19: For Family, Friends, and Care Providers | English | Español| Vietnamese | Somali
OSPI Guidelines for School Closures and Students with Disabilities
Healthcare for Workers with Disabilities
Protect Yourself Against Phone Scams
Consumer Directed Employer Update

2019 Bulletin Topics:

Community First Choice and Respite
Enhanced Dental and Medical Benefits
Community Guide and Community Inclusion Services Side by Side
Adult Life 101 Community Living Supports
DDA’s Home & Community Based Services Waivers Explained (revised 11-20) |Español | Somali | Vietnamese)
Enhanced Respite for Children
Overnight Planned Respite Services (Updated Jan. 2024)
Middle Adult Years Checklist
Considerations for Professionals Working with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Families
Resources for Siblings
The Care Assessment and YOU: How Personal Care Hours are Determined
The Role of DDA in Birth to Three Services and Beyond (English) (Español)

2018 Bulletin Topics:

Applying for DD Services in Washington State
Ready, Set, Know: Community Guide and Community Engagement Services (Revised 3/21)
Carina: Connecting Home Care Clients with Individual Providers Online
Navigating Your Way: Resources for Birth to Three (Spanish)
Navigating Your Way: Resources for Ages Three to Six (Spanish)
Navigating Your Way: Resources for Ages Six to Fourteen (Spanish)
Navigating Your Way: Resources for Ages Fourteen to Twenty One (Spanish)
Navigating Your Way: Resources for Ages Twenty One to Forty (Spanish)
Navigating Your Way: Resources for Ages Forty and Older (Spanish)
Resource Toolkit for Support and Services
ABLE and DD Endowment Trust Fund: A Side by Side Comparison
Supports for People with Disabilities in Washington State
Medically Intenstive Children’s Program and DDA Eligibility

Checklist for Selecting a Residential Provider

Preparing for Your CARE Assessment

Earned Income Tax Credit for 2017

2017 Bulletin Topics:

Resources for Children with I/DD and Mental Illness
The Office of Developmental Disabilities Ombuds
Additional Federal Benefits
Disability Employment Services and Supports

Medical and Behavioral Health: Who’s Got You Covered?

Section 504: Access to Higher Education
Health Insurance Premium Payment Program
Plan to Work: Help with Benefits Planning
Ready, Set…Vote
Understanding PANs (Planned Action Notices)
Ready Set Know: Medicaid Has You Covered
New IFS Service: Supported Parenting

Supported Decision-Making
New IFS Service: Supported Parenting
Your Child’s IEP and You (Tips for Parents)

2016 Bulletin Topics:

Move to Medicaid Managed Care
Create an Emergency Communications Plan

Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation: Know the Signs (Updated 4/24)
Payroll Tax Exemption for Parent Providers of Personal Care

Person-Centered Service Planning: It’s All About YOU
How to Contract with DDA to Become an Individual Provider
Supports for Children with Challenging Behaviors

Community Engagement

Peer Mentoring
Person Centered Planning Facilitation
Enhanced Respite for Children (updated 8.2.19)
Personal Care and the Overtime Rule

DDA Waiver Eligibility Road Map

Overnight Planned Respite (updated Jan. 2024)
DDA Eligibility Flow Chart (English)
Weekly Plan of Care: How to Manage Your Hours

Earned Income Tax Credit: What’s In It For YOU?

Enrollment Openings for Individual & Family Services  (Español)
Understanding Community Respite (for individuals & families on the IFS waiver)

Understanding Contracting for Community Respite (for providers)
Dementia in Persons with I/DD

Health Care Toolkits for Persons with Disabilities

2015 Bulletin Topics:

Emergency Preparedness for Persons with Disabilities (Updated 10/22)
DDA Eligibility and Autism: The DSM Effect
The Role of DDA in Birth-to-Three Services (English) (Updated 4/23)
Applying for DD Services in Washington State
Get Organized 4 Life: How to Keep Your Most Commonly Requested Documents in Order (Updated 10/11/22) | Spanish
Person-Centered Planning: What’s in Name?
Community First Choice (Updated 10/22)
IFS Waiver Services and How to Access Them

Assistive Technology for Mental Health

Get Connected for the Summer (Updated 10/22)
Removing Barriers to Learning
Building Blocks to Success: Social Emotional Learning
ABLE Act and DD Endowment Trust: What’s the Difference?
Wraparound with Intensive Services (WISe)
Building Blocks of Success: Social Emotional Learning

2014 Bulletin Topics:

Changes Ahead for Services: An Overview (en Espańol)
Changes Ahead for Individual & Family Services  (en Espańol)
Changes Ahead for Personal Care: Community First Choice  (en Espańol)
Tools for Inclusion: Transit Training
Options for Children with Intensive Behavioral Support Needs
Supported Decision-MakingSpanish | Somali | Russian *revised 2021
Resources for Children with I/DD and Mental Illness
Healthy Relationships (Part 1): The Foundation of a Happy Life
Healthy Relationships (Part 2): The Middle School Years
Healthy Relationships Series (Part 3): The Teen Years and Beyond
Accessing Mental Health Services in Washington State
The What, Where, and How of Mental Health Evaluations
Access to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
Defining Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disabilities (Changes to DSM)
Person-Centered Planning
Positive Behavior Support
The Long and Short of Employment Services
Post-Secondary Education and Vocational Training

2013 Bulletin Topics:

Reasons to Apply for DDA Services (Updated 10/22)
Who, What, Where, and How of Emergency Services
Transition Planning 101
Transition Planning Checklist
Assistive Technology Resources (Updated 10/22)
High School Skill Centers (Updated 4/22)


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