Ages 3-6: Overview

Transitioning from birth-to-three services into the school system comes with a series of changes for you and your child. Be prepared for not one, but several transitions—from early intervention services, to developmental preschool, then on to kindergarten and first grade.

With each transition, start planning at least six months ahead. A good thing to remember is that all parents feel concerned about any transition in a child’s life. This is a very normal feeling no matter what the transition.

Once your child turns 3, you no longer have a Family Resources Coordinator to guide you, and the family-centered approach of early intervention will change to a focus on your child as a student.

To learn more, watch Navigating Your Way: Ages Three to Six for a bird’s eye view of services, supports and resources to help guide you through this stage of life.

[If you have seen the video before and wish to skip the introduction, jump ahead to the :53 second mark.]


Additional Materials

Resources 3-6 | Spanish

Video Transcript for Ages 3-6 (Word)


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