Caregiver Alerts

The single greatest source of care and support for individuals with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) comes from their families—both parents and, as the individual ages, siblings.

Often, family caregivers lack the resources and information to help their relative (and themselves) reduce stress and stay healthy.

Our series of Caregiver Alerts, intended for families and other caregivers, comes from a collaboration between the Developmental Disabilities Council and the Washington State Developmental Disabilities Administration, through Informing Families.

Click on the topics below to view and/or download an alert:

When to Call 911
Medication Management

Advance Care Planning

Flu and Pneumonia
Heat Safety

Phishing and Vishing (Online Safety)

Pressure Injuries

Emergency Preparedness
Bowel Impaction
Bed Bugs

Choking: Risks, Causes, and What to Do

How to Call the Social Security Administration

How to Prevent Scalds: Hot Food and Beverages Can Burn!


Overlooked Signs of Cancer in Women
Children and Antipsychotic Medication
Common Causes of Choking
Education Resources
Emergency Preparedness
Financial Exploitation
Hearing Problems
Personal Planning Meeting: You are In Charge
Red Flags of Change
Stress Test
Toxic Substances
Warning Signs of Too Much Sun and Heat


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