New Phased Plan Announced for CDE

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What’s Happening

The plan for launching the Consumer Directed Employer (CDE) for Individual Providers (IPs) has been changed due to challenges created by the pandemic, as well as a 5% funding cut to the CDE administrative rate that was passed during the recent legislative session.
The new plan will include a pilot, followed by two phases.

The dates of the phases have not been shared at this time. More will be known as when the process is further along.

The following table shows the approximate numbers, counties and phased launch of the CDE.

Table with data on numbers of IPs and counties.

Table text:
Pilot: Number of IPs: 200. Counties of Client Residence: Lewis, Mason, Thurston (LMT);
Phase 1: Number of IPs: 9,000. Counties of Client Residence: LMT, Pierce, Kitsap.
Phase 2: Number of IPs: 37,000. Counties of Client Residence: All others


In 2018, the Washington State Legislature passed a law that creates a new entity to manage the administrative functions of the Individual Provider (IP) workforce. It’s called the Consumer Directed Employer (CDE).

In November 2019, DSHS signed a contract with  Consumer Direct of Washington (CDWA) as CDE.

All IPs will work with CDWA for payroll, tax reporting, credentialing and other concerns. This includes IPs who live with the person receiving services (consumer).

Consumers will continue to direct their services. And case managers will continue to conduct the CARE assessment, service authorization, crisis management, referrals, and other case management functions.

Ways for IPs to Prepare Right Now

  • Sign up for electronic funds transfer (EFT) to bank account or ALINE Pay debit card if you are not already receiving electronic payments.
  • Keep your phone number, address and email address current in IPOne.
  • Stay current with training and background checks.
  • Respond promptly when you receive information about your transition to the CDE!
  • Don’t wait until the last minute.

Stay Informed

  • Visit the CDE website for the latest news, webinars and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Sign up for DDA GovDelivery email notifications and select Consumer Directed Employer from the list of options.
  • Questions? Send an email to CDE.


Consumer Directed Employer (CDE): New Phased Plan Announced (pdf)

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