Free Workshops on Housing and Services

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Confused about community living options for adults who want to live outside the family home? Community Homes is offering a series of free workshops to help untangle the mysteries of housing and services for adults with I/DD. (Note: Although Community Homes is based in King County, anyone is welcome to participate from around the state.)
Here are a few upcoming events:

December 1, 2020: Family Networking Group – Can Do Housing

For families of older teens and young adults who have a basic understanding of services and housing, who are looking for housing in the next 2-5 years and are ready to actively take next steps. REGISTER

December 3, 2020: Understanding Section 8 and Hasp

Learn about Section 8 and Hasp, how to sign up for services, the rules and important things to know and how these services can help you plan for your loved one’s housing. REGISTER

December 10, 2020: Understanding Services Needed For Housing

Find out what is needed to get ready for housing, the basic components of housing, and how to begin the housing journey. REGISTER


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