Summer Health & Safety Info for Caregivers

Water pool summer background with yellow pool float ring. Vector illustration of summer blue aqua textured background.

Summer health and safety caregiver alerts by the Washington State Developmental Disabilities Administration


Individuals who rely on care from others may not recognize they need fluids. It is important for care providers to offer fluids frequently and watch for signs of dehydration. Click here to learn about the risks, signs, prevention and treatment of dehydration.

Heat Safety

Heat-related illnesses—such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, sunburn and heat rash—occur when a body’s temperature cannot cool itself fast enough. People with disabilities and people who take medications that interfere with the body’s heat regulation system are among those who are most at risk. Click here to learn the risks, signs, prevention and treatment of heat related illnesses.

Water Safety

Any source of water is a potential drowning hazard, especially for individuals with mobility challenges, young children and weak swimmers. Individuals who are drawn to or fascinated with water and may not understand the dangers. Click here to learn more about the risks, signs, prevention and treatment of water emergencies.


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