LifeCourse for Adults: Living a Meaningful Life

Planning and creating a life that’s meaningful to you

Living a Meaningful Life cover with star form for supports to reach goals in the middle years of lifeGrowing, learning and achieving does not end at adulthood. It continues throughout life, and at your own pace. This four-page Life Course issue, Living a Meaningful Life, includes:

  • A star form to help identify supports needed to reach goals in middle adulthood.
  • Tips for parents to pursue a vision that builds on the individual’s strengths, interests, and abilities.
  • Questions to consider when thinking about living outside the family home and where to get answers on affordable housing, services, living skills, and finances.
  • Assistive technology resources.
  • Support and planning resources for the whole family.

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Living a Meaningful Life (for Adults Age 35 and older).

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