Reasons to Apply for DDA Services


Why Applying for Eligibility to the Divison of Developmental Disabilities is a Good Idea

There’s a good chance you’ve heard lots of reasons for enrolling with the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA)… support and services for you and your family, engaging with your community, and learning new skills to help build the life you want. But did you know there are additional benefits even when you do not want a support service right now?

  • Even if you don’t receive a paid service the following benefits come with being DDA eligible.
  • Quarterly newsletter with valuable information from Informing Families.
  • Eligibility puts you a step ahead in the event there’s a future need for services.
  • Documenting unmet needs helps everyone. When you are enrolled with DDA, and then request a service, but funding is not currently available, you provide data that gives the state a true picture of the numbers of eligible people with unmet needs.

How Do Waiver Waiting Lists Work?

Funding for new enrollments in waiver programs depends on the legislature, which means there could be a wait, which can be frustrating; however, for all the reasons we’ve shared, it’s important to enroll with DDA and request the services you or your family member needs.

Depending on the type of service you request, openings on DDA Home and Community-Based Waivers are filled according to the level of need and or date of request. Individuals who request a waiver service are placed on a Waiver Enrollment Database which is reviewed on a weekly basis.

Youtube Video

Informing Families has a Youtube dedicated to How to Apply and Why!



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