Transportation Services through Apple Health

You or a loved one you care for may be eligible for non-emergency medical transportation through Apple Health.  Washington’s Health Care Authority (HCA) covers transportation for eligible clients to and from some health-related services. This can be for events like doctors’ appointments and therapies.

Who provides the transportation?

Transportation is provided by transportation brokers. The brokers schedule the transportation with the client. Transportation brokers are companies contracted with HCA to provide varying transportation such as public buses, taxis, wheelchair va

n, ferry tickets, and gas vouchers.

Who is Eligible for this service?

Currently, clients who are in Apple Health (Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurances Program) and other state-funded medical assistance programs that include the transportation benefit. Transportation services may be approved for individuals who do not have transportation for health care appointments. Reach out to your case manager to learn more.

To qualify for transportation assistance you must:

  • Have a current ProviderOne services card.
  • Have no other way to reach your health care appointment.
  • Ensure that the appointment is covered by your Apple Health program

How to Request Transportation Services

Contact your county’s transportation broker ( The transportation broker will schedule the transportation that is best suited. Reach out at least 7-14 days before the appointment.

If your appointment is outside of the local community, you will need to receive approval from the transportation broker.

Before you reach out to the transportation broker collect the following information:

  • ProviderOne services card of the individual taking transportation
  • Complete pick-up address
  • Name and phone number of health care provider for the appointment
  • Exact appointment date and time
  • The type of health care appointment (i.e. dialysis, dental, etc.)
  • The return time after the appointment, if known

Want to learn more about the Transportation Services through the Health Care Authority? Visit or email

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