Wildfire Safety 2024

A message from the DSHS’ Developmental Disabilities Administration 

Keep yourself and loved ones safe by preparing now for wildfire smoke: Sharing Information from the DOH

Washington state is getting ready for what is likely to be a hotter and drier summer than normal. These conditions can lead to more wildfires, exposing millions of residents to wildfire smoke and worsening people’s health.

Smoke from fires can lead to dangerous air quality levels, especially for people with chronic health conditions like asthma or COPD, infants, the elderly, low-income or marginalized communities, and more. Exposure to fine particulate matter from wildlife smoke can irritate your eyes, nose and throat and lead to fatigue, headaches, wheezing, and other symptoms.

The WA Smoke Blog is the best tool to stay up to date on wildfires and air quality. DOH also offers practical tips to protect yourself, such as how to select a portable air cleaner, build a box fan filter, and prepare your home, on the Smoke from Fires webpage.

Here are more resources on wildfire smoke safety:


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