Ages 14-21: Transition Timeline

Printable Timeline

Age 14

  • Begin transition planning (go to Transition Planning Checklist)
  • Include the student in planning

Age 15-16

  • Apply for Washington State Identification Card (go to DOL website)
  • Be sure to include self-advocacy goals in IEP (more about self-advocacy organizations in Washington)
  • Determine graduation date

Age 18

Age 18-19

  • Option to enroll in High School Transition Program until age 21 or continue on to post-secondary education

Final Year of School

Any Age

  • Apply for services from DDA. Even if there is a wait list for services, it’s important to request the services you need so that when funding becomes available, you will be in line. It also helps the state make requests for funding when people come forward who need services.


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