Free Resource: Therapy Program for Children

Baby girl with Downs Syndrome. Multicolored print blanket in background.

Did You Know?

The Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children provides occupational or physical therapy services to children ages birth to 21 years with developmental delays or physical disabilities.

These services are provided under the direction of a physician and at no cost to the families. Preference is given to infants and young children, those who are medically fragile or who would otherwise go without services because of health status, transportation problems, or lack of other resources, and to children who without therapy will experience deterioration in their status.

The program has 16 therapists throughout the state, each with varying degrees of availability in their caseload. Each therapist, under the supervision of the Therapy Supervisor, is responsible for determining priorities within his/her caseload at any given time.

Services are provided on a short term basis and are not intended as a substitute for
other services. Availability of other services, resources and efficacy of therapy is reviewed on a regular basis.

COVID-19 and Telehealth

Currently, due to the COVID-19 crisis, Elks Therapists are offering therapy via telehealth, collaborating with families in the child’s natural environment and providing home activities that best meet the unique situation. The family’s active role in treatment becomes a vital ingredient of success.

Requests for treatment or assessment are accepted from physicians as well as concerned
families, friends, day care centers, schools, hospitals, and other social service and health care professionals. Parental consent and a doctor’s prescription are required before treatment can be initiated.

Learn More

Visit: Washington State Elks.

Request more information by email or phone at: 253-472-6223 or 1-800-825-3557.


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