Ages 3-6: The Birth to 3 to K-12 Transition

Transitioning from birth-to-three services to the school system comes with a series of changes for you and your child. Be prepared for not one, but several transitions, and start planning at least six months ahead.

Learning Who’s Who

Rather than the family-centered approach of birth-to-three services, school district professionals are focused solely on your child. Whether it’s an Early Childhood Coordinator, Readiness to Learn Coordinator, or school psychologist, the professionals involved in coordinating special educational services will vary. Before your child transitions, find out the name and contact information for each of the school district professionals who will be involved in your child’s education.

Becoming Your Child’s Advocate

No one knows your child better than you do, so when it comes to making decisions regarding his/her education, it’s important to speak up and ensure that your child’s needs are being met. Organizations such as Parent to Parent (P2P) and Partnerships for Action, Voices for Empowerment (PAVE) will help you learn how to be your child’s best advocate.
Parent to Parent : 1-800-821-5927
PAVE: 1-800-5-PARENT

Making Time for Social Time

The more your child learns to participate in groups and socialize with other children, the better s/he will make the transition to school. Look for opportunities to include your child in typical community activities, such as library story time or Parks & Recreation programs. Connect with your local Parent to Parent to find out what your community has to offer.


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