Support for individuals & working families

Community First Choice & Respite

Independence for your family member. A break for you.

Community First Choice (CFC)

CFC provides personal care and other services to help individuals live as independently as possible at home and in the community. It’s all about the person. Parents are not required to be home while services are provided. They can work, shop, go to the gym—anything they like—as long as services are based on the person’s needs, not the parent’s.

Clients of the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) or Home and Community Services (HCS) who meet financial and functional eligibility criteria.


  • Personal Care assistance with everyday tasks, such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation and essential shopping.
  • Assistive Technology to help with daily tasks.
  • Skills Acquisition Training for daily living skills.
  • Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), an electronic device which allows you to call for help in an emergency.
  • Who Provides CFC Services?
  • DDA contracted individual or agency personal care providers.


Respite services offer a short-term break for primary caregivers while their family member gets support to do things they want or need to do in the community or at home. Respite is provided by DDA contracted individual, agency, or Respite in the Community providers.

DDA clients enrolled in the Individual & Family Services, Basic Plus, Children’s Intensive In-Home Behavior Support, and CORE waivers.
Non-paid relative caregivers who provide 40 or more hours of care per week to individuals not enrolled in CFC or Medicaid programs that offer respite. Learn more at Lifespan Respite.

Respite Examples:

  • Parks & Rec, camp, classes or other activities with a DDA contracted Respite in the Community provider
  • Care at home from an individual or agency provider
  • Overnight planned respite

People you know and trust can become contracted to provide personal care and respite. Click here to learn what it takes to be a provider.


To request CFC and/or Respite services, contact DDA.

Community First Choice and Respite (PDF)


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