Individual Provider Contracting for DDA

How to Become an Individual Provider (IP) for a Client of the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA)

For eligible clients of DDA who have identified a potential care giver, or for individuals who have been asked to provide personal care or respite services by a client of DDA.

Request an Intake Packet

You can request an Intake Packet from the client’s DDA Case Resource Manager, local DDA office staff, or the DDA contract staff for your region. Click here for a listing of local DDA offices.

The Intake Packet Includes:

  • DDA/HCS/AAA Individual Contractor Intake Form
  • Fingerprint Acknowledgment Form
  • Background Check Authorization Form
  • A request for a copy of government-issued photo ID and Social Security Card

Complete & Return the Packet to Contracts Staff

Be sure to fill out and sign everything according to the directions and return all required documents as soon as possible to avoid delays.  Frequently Asked Questions on IP Contracting with DDA.

Background Check

  • If the result of the check indicates no record, no further information is needed.
  • If the result indicates a review is required, contracts staff will request professional references and will send you the required paperwork.  Reviews add additional time to the process.
  • If the result indicates automatic disqualification, the process ends.
    Fingerprint Appointment (Complete this step after receiving instructions from contracts staff.)
  • After you have submitted a completed intake packet, contracts staff will send a fingerprint appointment form along with instructions on how to contact a DSHS contracted fingerprint technician. Follow directions given by contracts staff and wait for results to be received by DDA.


Contracts staff will produce a contract

At that time, you will receive a call to come in to participate in a short orientation which will include reviewing DSHS and SEIU information and then signing the contract. The contract is not valid until signed by DSHS staff.

Mandatory Safety and Orientation (S & O) Training (5 hours online)

Unless exempt, all IPs are required to complete S & O after they have completed the contract process (DSHS has signed their contract) and before beginning to work for a client of DDA. You will be given instructions on how to complete this step when you come in to sign your contract.

Mandatory Basic Training (7, 9, 30 or 70 hours)

Unless exempt, all IPs are required to complete a basic training within 120 days of the first day they work. Parent personal care providers will complete a 7 hour training. Effective 7/23/17, Respite providers working less than 300 hours in a calendar year will complete 9 hours of mandatory basic training. Depending on the number of hours and type of service provided, all others will complete a 30 or 70 hour basic training.  Those who are required to complete the 70-hour training will also be required to become certified as a Home Care Aide through the Department of Health.

Calendar with text: Estimated time to complete the process and begin working: 8 weeks.

Printable Bulletin (PDF)


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