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Old fashioned alarm clock with several numbers in different sizes and angles filling the face.Can my school-age child get more personal care hours?

If you’ve already asked for some additional hours and been approved, your child’s case resource manager (CRM) will be asking if these hours need to continue or if your child is or will be soon returning to in-person schooling.

If you have not heard from your child’s CRM, and your child could benefit from additional personal care hours because the school is not currently meeting their personal care needs, please contact them to make a request.

Note: Personal care services are limited to hands-on or verbal cuing assistance of specific tasks, including bathing, dressing, hygiene, locomotion, eating, and toilet use. They cannot replace educational or supervision services provided by the school district.

Can my personal care provider work overtime?

Overtime (OT) can be approved in certain cases, as long as your CRM can justify that your request is based on rule (and not an exception to rule), such as:

  • Actively looking for a provider, but unable to find one.
  • Circumstances in your household require fewer providers due to COVID
    exposure risks.

Example: If you have multiple providers who all live in the same home, OT is not likely to be approved unless there is something specific happening to one of the providers that prevents them from working. However, if multiple providers are coming and going from the home who don’t live there, it’s very likely OT will be approved as a way to limit traffic and exposure to the virus.

Short-term requests can be approved by the CRM or a supervisor. Long-term
requests need to be approved by DDA Central Office.

Can providers get more face coverings or PPE?

A new shipment of cloth face coverings are being sent to Individual Providers (IPs) this month, along with informational flyers that explain their use and how to order PPE.


Q&A on Home Care During COVID (PDF)

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