May is Mental Health Awareness Month!


More Than Enough Mental Health Awareness Month 2023

From the DSHS’ Developmental Disabilities Administration 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the 2023 theme is “More Than Enough.”

The National Alliance on Mental Illness states this is an opportunity for all of us to come together and remember the inherent value we each hold — no matter our diagnosis, appearance, socioeconomic status, background or ability. We want every person out there to know that if all you did was wake up today, that’s more than enough. No matter what, you are inherently worthy of more than enough life, love and healing. Showing up, just as you are, for yourself and the people around you, is more than enough.

Mental health issues span a broad range of conditions. Depression and anxiety are conditions many people are dealing with, some for the first time. If you are experiencing any of these, talk with your primary care physician. It is also important to talk to friends and family if you have concerns. No one should have to deal with it alone. One way to check in with yourself is to take a mental health screen test. It’s a quick, free and private way for someone to assess their mental health and recognize signs of mental health challenges.

The American Anxiety and Depression Association of America recommends eating healthy well-balanced meals, exercising daily, taking a minute for deep breathing and accepting that you cannot control everything. Click here to see a full list of their tips and strategies to manage anxiety and stress.

For more information on mental health, check out the links below.


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