Remote Support: A New Waiver Service from DDA

What is Remote Support?

Remote Support is a new waiver service offered by DSHS’ Developmental Disabilities Administration. It is like Distance Based Observation and Reporting that was used during the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote Support provides supervision, coaching and consultation through technology devices installed in your home and through connection with your provider over video chat or similar technologies.

The contracted provider and the technologies must follow health information privacy laws and protect client privacy. Remote Support is available to DDA clients on the Individual and Family Services, Basic Plus and Core waivers. It is for clients who are not receiving residential habilitation.

What are the steps to receiving Remote Support?
  1. Start by talking with a DDA case manager. They can help document your need for remote support and then connect you with a contracted provider.

  2. The contracted provider will work with you to develop a remote support plan, which describes what remote support technology, service hours and emergency contact information is necessary for you to receive the service safely.

  3. Your case manager will add the service to your Person-Centered Service Plan and let you know when services can begin.

Things to keep in mind with Remote Support
  • It must never be used to restrict a person from their home, community, or body autonomy. This service is designed to help increase a client’s independence in their home!

  • A backup support must be identified in case of emergency.

  • It does not pay for internet, data plans or wi-fi access.

  • It is a new service is limited to the client’s aggregate budget or annual allocation.

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