Tips and Resources for Support and Services

5 images of children, adults, families, and community.

If you are not receiving a paid service from the Developmental Disabilities Administration, or you’re looking for more support than you currently have, our four page Resource Toolkit can help you identify support and activities available in most communities.

What’s Inside?

  • Thumbnail images of the four page toolkit, featuring the Star Form on the first page.A sample Star Form to help identify free and low cost
  • How to request services from DDA.
    Links to state and local resources.
  • Ideas for connecting with your community.
  • Support for families, siblings, and individuals.
  • Information about ABLE savings accounts and the
    DD Endowment Trust Fund, opportunities to save and
    invest money without losing needed benefits and services.

Printable Bulletin

Spread the word about our free toolkit with other families and individuals. Print and share our one page announcement in your newsletter, social media, and meetings. Resource Toolkit Bulletin (PDF)

Get Your Copy

Life Course Resources Toolkit (PDF)

For organizations, agencies and others needing more than one or two copies, order printed copies below.



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