Change in DDA Respite Training Hours

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New Law Reduces Training Hours

Effective July 23, 2017, a new law in Washington State (Engrossed House Bill 1322 ) reduces the required number of basic training from 30 hours to 9 hours for Respite providers who:

  • Provide DDA Respite services only; and,
  • Work 300 hours or fewer in a calendar year.

The requirement to complete 30 or 70 hours of basic training continues for all other categories of Individual Providers.

The new law does not make any other changes to the training requirements for DDA respite providers, such as the 5 hour orientation training.


Training Requirements

The Training Partnership will identify DDA-only respite providers as being compliant with basic training requirements who:

  • Complete 5 hours of Orientation and Safety training;
  • Complete 9 hours of Basic Training within 120 days of hire;
  • Provide DDA respite services only; and,
  • Work 300 hours or fewer in a calendar year.


DDA Respite Providers Who Work More Than 300 Hours in a Calendar Year

The training requirement for DDA-only Respite providers who work more than 300 respite hours in a calendar year will be converted to the standard 70-hour basic training requirement for Individual Providers, and they will be required to become certified Home Care Aides. They will have 120 days from the point they work over 300 hours in a calendar year to complete the 70 hour training, and 200 days from this same point to become certified as a Home Care Aide.


How to Enroll in Training

Enroll in training for DDA Respite through the Training Partnership.


man in wheelchair using a mobile device with assistance from a woman caregiverDo You Know Someone Who Would like To Become an Individual Provider for DDA?

Learn about contracting to become an Individual Provider for a client of DDA.


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