Education Resources


Among other services, PAVE helps parents understand the educational system for preschoolers and school-age children. The majority of PAVE staff are parents who have children with special needs. Call 253-565-2266 or visit their website at

PAVE also has a Statewide Parent Training and Information Center (PTI) with a large number of publications that can be useful for parents, including a one page tip-sheet on advocating for your child.

Parent to Parent

Information, education and one-on-one assistance from parents who can help you navigate systems and services, including special education. Call 800-821-5927 or get information on the web.

Sound Options Group

IEP meeting facilitation, medication, and skill development training.
Call 800-692-2540 or visit their website at

OSPI: Special Education Dispute Resolution
If you are unable to come to agree with your child’s teacher or school about your child’s educational goals, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction’s website has a page on options for resolving disagreements.
Go to the Special Education Dispute Resolution page


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