Special Education Videos

An Overview

In the first segment of this Arc of Washington produced video series, the focus is on Washington State’s special education history.

Stacy Gillett (formerly of the Washington State Office of the Education Ombuds) shares the history, federal laws and values of inclusion that form the basis of special education in Washington State. The video also includes advice from parents and statewide resources for families.


Referral, Evaluation and the IEP

In the second segment of the Arc of Washington’s series on special education, Stacy Gillett outlines the three-part special educaiton process: referral, evaluation and Individualized Education Program (IEP).


Key Elements of the IEP

In the third segment of the Arc of Washington’s Special Education video series, Stacy Gillett covers key elements of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and how to make the most of an IEP meeting.


Resolving Conflicts

In this final segment of the Arc of Washington’s video series on Special Education, Stacy Gillett outlines the informal and formal ways to resolve conflicts between parents and school districts.


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