Supports for Individuals Through Waiver Services

IF care providers need additional training and/or consultation to better support your loved one…

IF there is a change in your loved ones needs or your ability to provide care…

It’s okay to say what YOU need. 

The Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) offers five Home and Community Based waivers. These waivers offer many different services that can provide to support to individuals and their needs in a person-centered way.

Waiver services include:

Not sure what types of services you may need? Check out some of the featured services offered below:

Specialized Habilitation

Specialized Habilitation is individualized and community-based support that helps waiver participants reach identified goals and encourages inclusion at home and in the community according to their person-centered service plan (PSCP).

Specialized Habilitation offers teaching and training to a waiver participant to learn or maintain skills in these various areas:

  • Self-empowerment.
  • Safety awareness and self-advocacy.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness and effective social communication.
  • Coping Strategies for everyday life challenges.
  • Managing daily tasks and acquiring new skills.


Specialized Habilitation is a service available on the Basic Plus, IFS, CIIBS, and Core

Staff and Family Consultation

Staff/Family Consultation is for family members and direct support professionals who provide support to the waiver participant. The goal of the service is to provide an opportunity for discussion with the intent of assisting a waiver participant’s family member or direct service provider to improve upon or implement skills and techniques that they will use to better support the care of that person.



Staff/Family Consultation is a service on all of DDA’s HCBS waivers.


NEW! Remote Support

Remote Support is a stand-alone service that provides supervision, coaching, and consultation from a contracted Remote Support provider to a DDA client from a distant, HIPAA-compliant location that allows an HCBS waiver participant to increase their independence and safety in their home and community when not engaged in other HCBS services or informal supports that offer similar supports (personal care, etc.). Providers are engaged with a client through technology equipment with the capability for live two-way communication.



Remote Support is a service available on the Basic Plus, IFS, and Core (non-residential) waivers.

How to Request Services

Contact your DDA Case Resource Manager for help in finding the right services to meet your needs.

For more information about DDA services, click here.

Additional Resources

Need Help Finding a Care Provider?

Connect with your DDA case resource manager. They can answer questions about waiver services and connect you with a qualified provider.


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