Consumer Directed Employer Update


for Individual Providers (IPs) of Personal Care and Respite

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What’s Happening

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In 2018, the Washington State Legislature passed a law that creates a new entity to manage the administrative functions of the Individual Provider (IP) workforce. It’s called the Consumer Directed Employer (CDE).

All IPs will work with a single entity for payroll, tax reporting, credentialing and other concerns. This includes IPs who live with the person receiving services (consumer).

Consumers will continue to direct their services. And case managers will continue to conduct the CARE assessment, service authorization, crisis management, referrals, and other case management functions.


In November 2019, DSHS signed a contract with Consumer Direct of Washington (CDWA) as CDE.

Our state is at least a year away from completing the transition. The requirement is to initiate the transition of individual providers to the Consumer Directed Employer no later than July 1, 2021.

Current IPs will not automatically be transferred. All IPs, must be hired by the CDE. Be sure to look for notifications from the CDE when it’s time to go through the hiring process.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

EVV is a federal requirement for tracking hours worked, (instead of using a time sheet). IPs will use EVV when the CDE is in place.

Due to a CMS guidance regarding an EVV exemption for live-in caregivers, DSHS is in the process of defining how live-in caregivers will record hours worked. Visit the CDE project website for updates on EVV and other news.

February 14 update from DSHS:

The Department has made the policy decision that live in providers will be exempted from EVV.  What this means is, for claiming purposes, live in providers will need to log the number of hours they have worked each day including what tasks they have performed, and submit the information to the CDE at least on a weekly basis. They will not have to clock-in and clock-out each shift using the EVV system.

Things IPs Can Do to Prepare Right Now

  • Sign up for electronic funds transfer (EFT) to bank account or ALINE Pay debit card if you are not already receiving electronic payments.
  • Keep your phone number, address and email address current in IPOne.
  • Stay current with training and background checks.
  • Respond promptly when you receive information about your transition to the CDE! Don’t wait until the last minute.

Stay Informed

Visit the CDE project website for the latest news, webinars and talking points.

Sign up for DDA GovDelivery email notifications. Select Consumer Directed Employer from the list of options.

Printable Bulletin (PDF)

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CDE Update

Get the latest on the CDE in this recently taped (and animated) interview with Evelyn Perez (Assistant Secretary for the Washington State Developmental Disabilities Administration) and Bill Moss (Assistant Secretary for the Aging and Long-Term Support Administration).

Hosted by Jeremy Norden-Paul and Stacy Dym.

CDE Explained


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