Spokane: Courageous Conversation

Sponsored by Spokane’s IDD Champions Network with financial support from Spokane County Community Services

Courageous Conversation

Thursday, October 25
11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Washington Cracker Building
304 W Pacific Ave, Spokane

Join Peter Berns, Chief Executive Officer of The Arc of the United States, for a courageous conversation about the challenges facing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families nationally and here in eastern Washington.

Discussion topics include:

  • The Silver Tsunami – How can we help aging parents prepare for the day when they will no longer be able to care for their adult son or daughter with a developmental disability?
  • Improving Access to Services – Nationally, only 25 percent of families are aware of and utilize support services available to them through state agencies. How can we improve access to services?
  • Engaging the Business World – From employing people with disabilities to adopting policies that allow parents to flex work time, the corporate sector plays an important role in lives individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. How can we encourage greater support from the business world?




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