DDA Waiver Availability and How to Request

DDA Waivers Availability and How to Request
Waivers are available!

Receiving services from the Developmental Disabilities Administration is a multi-step process. DDA waivers are available but you must request them. Refer to the steps below to learn how to request services and waivers:

  1. Apply to DDA and verify eligibility. Once you apply and are approved, you are a DDA client. But this does not mean you automatically get services.
  2. Next, you must request services. You will be determined whether you meet the criteria for the services and whether there is a waiver spot available.
  3. If you are put on the “No Paid Services List” and have requested services in the past and were denied, you must request the services AGAIN when they become available.

Services like personal care through Community First Choice, are always available if you are eligible by meeting the criteria. Other supports, like DDA waivers, are available only if spots are open. There are many reasons a spot can become available. For example, a spot becomes available if an individual leaves, the state legislature adds capacity, or if they move one waiver to another.

What are DDA Waivers?

The Department of Social and Health Services Developmental Disabilities Administration (also known as DDA) offers FIVE Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS). The waivers offer specific services to meet the health and safety needs of an individual while in the community. Waiver services are provided for additional support when Medicaid state plan services and other supports are not sufficient for an individual’s needs. The five waivers are:

  • Basic PLUS
  • Children’s Intensive In-Home Behavioral Supports (CIIBS)
  • Community Protection
  • CORE
  • Individuals and Family Services
Important Information for Families
  • Financial Eligibility for DDA waiver services is based on the individual’s income, NOT family income. This is for children and adults.

  • If you are enrolled in DDA waiver services, you are also enrolled in the state Medicaid health care plan (also known as Apple Health).

  • Families who are ineligible for Medicaid based on income may be able to access services for a loved one with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Are DDA Waivers Right for You?
  • Washington state offers 5 waivers through the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA).
  • They are referred to as “waivers” because people waiver their right to care in an institutional setting, to receive care in a home or community setting instead.
  • Waivers are a great option if you are looking for a variety of services for an individual.
Resources and Links:

How do you apply to DDA Services?
If you are not a client of DDA but are interested visit dshs.wa.gov/node5756 to learn the next steps.

If you are a client with a case manager already, contact your case manager directly. If you are unsure of how to contact your local office visit dshs.wa.gov/dda/service-and-information-request.

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