Casting for “Employable Me” Documentary Series

Employable Me. Job Seekers with Neurological Conditions Sought for Award Winning Documentary Series Employable Me.

Are you struggling to find work?

Are you not fulfilling your potential?

Do you need help to uncover your talents?

EMPLOYABLE ME seeks to prove that having a neurological condition can be viewed as an asset rather than an obstacle in the workplace.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, EMPLOYABLE ME wants to hear from you.

Email Vanessa Singh for more information.

About Optomen and Employable Me

Optomen productions is making a documentary series called, ‘Employable Me’ for A+E network.

Optomen is an international production company behind the critically acclaimed show Employable Me on BBC, where extraordinary job-seekers aim to prove that having a neurological condition, such as Autism or Tourette syndrome, shouldn’t bar them from finding meaningful employment.

With the help of experts, these diverse candidates unlock their hidden talents and utilize their unique skill sets and strengths.  The intention of our program is to highlight the abilities of these individuals, and hopefully to help them find employment opportunities that improve their quality of life.

Click here for a look at some of the best moments from the British series.


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