Enrollments to Open Soon: Part One

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infantWe’ve been talking about this for close to a year, and it’s almost here: several thousand new enrollments will open for individuals on the No Paid Services Caseload.

A couple of program changes are taking place that make this possible. Each has a different process and timeline, but both are likely to affect most individuals who are applying for these new programs.

Individual and Family Services (IFS)
Beginning May, 2015, IFS is moving to a federal waiver, which brings in federal funding to double the program’s enrollment. It also comes with more regulations and less flexibility than the existing IFS program, but will basically offer the same type of services, plus a few more. Clients who transition to the IFS Waiver will receive Medicaid coverage in addition to any other insurance they already receive.

Personal Care & Community First Choice (CFC)
By the end of uly, 2015, personal care services are moving into a program that includes additional services to enhance independence, such as assistive technology and skills acquisition. The new program is called Community First Choice. A refinancing of the current personal care program brings in new federal funding that will add capacity to DDA’s Basic Plus waiver and the new planned Individual and Family Services waiver.

What to Do if You’re on the No Paid Services Caseload

Start Planning
My Life Plan, a new online tool created by the DDC and The Arc of Washington State, can help you start thinking about goals and support needs at home, school, work, and in the community. As enrollments open at DDA, you’ll be ready to see where services might fit into life’s bigger picture, making sure your son/daughter’s interests, skills, and needs are at the forefront. Begin your journey.

Raise Your Hand for Services
If you are not on a wait list for DDA services, call the DDA NPS caseload number in your region and request the service you feel best meets your son/daughter’s needs. For service descriptions, visit: dshs.wa.gov/dda.

Toll-Free No Paid Services Caseload Numbers:

Region 1
Spokane: 800-319-7116
Yakima:  866-715-3646

Region 2
Seattle: 800-974-4428
Everett: 800-567-5582

Region 3
Tacoma: 800-735-6740
Olympia: 888-707-1202


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