Stories of Transition from RHC to Community

Due to the decertification of a living unit at Rainier School Residential Habilitation Center (RHC), individuals and their sibling guardians were offered the choice of moving to another RHC or a receiving services in a community setting. Despite promises to their parents, and having no intention or desire to move their family members who lived at Rainier for more than 50 years, Chuck and Greg’s guardians made the decision to choose community based services.

These two families offer rare insight into the struggle of helping their siblings leave the only home they’ve known since childhood to enter a new life filled with change and hope.

Greg’s Story

Greg lived at Rainier RHC for over 50 years before moving into a home of his own in the community. His family was initially very resistant to any conversations having to do with Greg leaving Rainier. After a letter was received which stated Greg had to move, Family Mentoring services were explained and the Family Mentor Project stepped in and supported Greg and his family through this process. This is a very touching story that provides a rare glimpse into Greg’s life and the lives of his siblings.


Chuck’s Story

Chuck moved into Rainier RHC in 1962. In June 2019, after living at Rainier for 57 years, Chuck moved from Rainier into a home of his own in the community. Chuck’s brother and sister in law, Ken and Debbie, were not supportive of Chuck leaving Rainier. With help from the Family Mentor Project, a new hope was found and options were explored. This video is about Chuck’s move into the community and shows that he is doing great from it! Bonus, he now lives closer to his brother, Ken, and sister in law, Debbie, making regular visits much easier for everyone.


The Family Mentor Project supports families and guardians through the process of moving a family member to the community from a Residential Habilitation Center (RHC) operated by the Developmental Disabilities Administration of Washington (DDA) or from a skilled nursing facility. Family Mentors provide emotional support, based on their own personal experiences of transitioning their loved ones into community residential services and supports.



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