Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

What is LIHEAP?

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides energy assistance to households in Washington state. This program is offered through a network of community agencies and local partners. If you qualify, your local LIHEAP agency will directly send a payment to your energy utility company on behalf of your household. LIHEAP mainly focuses on assisting households by assisting financially with energy bills. In certain cases, LIHEAP may also help with repairs or replace unsafe, dysfunctional, and/or inoperative heating or cooling systems.

Portable Air Conditioning Units and Air Purifiers 

DDA Clients living in an in-home setting may be able to access portable air conditioning units through LIHEAP. The AC unit will be delivered to your home, but it does not include installation. There is a limit of one AC unit per household. You are encouraged to submit your request as soon as possible. Air Purifier Units are offered for clients who live in areas that have historically been impacted by smoke from wildfires. To determine if you are eligible for an AC unit or Air purifier, you must be eligible for LIHEAP. 

Am I eligible to receive assistance? 

Eligibility for LIHEAP is based on several factors. This includes household income, size, and heating costs. If you live in Washington state and your household has not received a LIHEAP grant during the current program year (this is October to September) you may be eligible. Visit the LIHEAP Eligibility Guidelines to learn more.*

*The eligibility guidelines are only a GUIDE. This does not determine your eligibility. To have your eligibility determined, you must contact a local LIHEAP provider.

How do I apply for assistance? 

To apply for LIHEAP contact your local agency to schedule an appointment. Your local agency will help determine if you are eligible to apply for assistance. To find your local agency to schedule an appointment visit fortess.wa.gov/com/liheappublic/map.aspx

How often can I apply for the LIHEAP program? 
Households can only apply for the LIHEAP once each program year. The program runs from October 1st through September 30th. You may apply each year.

Resources to Learn More:

Printable Bulletin (English)
Printable Bulletin (Spanish)


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