DDA Q&A on the No Paid Services Caseload

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What does No Paid Services mean?

No Paid Services (NPS) is a database that you are placed on after you apply for and receive approval for DDA eligibility.

Why don’t I have services?

Applying for DDA eligibility and requesting DDA services are two separate steps. Once you are determined DDA eligible, it is up to you to contact DDA to request services. [Learn what to expect when you contact DDA.]

What if I don’t need services right now?

There are benefits to being DDA eligible, even if you don’t receive services. They include:

Another benefit is that you create a relationship with DDA before you need services, which speeds up the process when you do want and need support.


Great! Fill out an online Service and Information Request form or call the toll-free NPS number and let DDA know that you (or your family member, if they are the client) need services.

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