DSHS to Refund Improper Client Participation

The state has identified a number of clients of the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) who were improperly charged client participation fees for personal care. Under the Pickle Amendment (a federal law that defines Supplemental Security Income recipients), these individuals should not have been charged participation fees, and must be refunded.

This action affects people who:

  • received SSI in the past, but now receive only Social Security benefits (such as SSDI); AND
  • have participated in the cost of their personal care services.

If you have only received SSI and have not participated in the cost of personal care, this does not affect you.

However, for those who are affected, the refund amounts may be significant. It’s important to be aware of your resource limits and the impact that a large refund can have.

The following flyer is being sent to clients who meet criteria for reimbursement. The actual notices being sent will be personalized and include contact information for questions and follow up to verify that the refund amount is accurate before a reimbursement is sent.

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