Autism 210: From a Sibling’s Perspective

From Seattle Children’s Hospital

Black and white photo of a brother and sister. Sister is making a face with her hands on her brother's face.What about the siblings?

Join us for an insightful evening featuring the unique perspectives of brothers and sisters of individuals living with autism. In this dynamic and candid panel, siblings will share their personal stories and insights, and provide a platform for parents, siblings and other community members to ask questions about their journey of growing up with a sibling with autism.

Every sibling relationship is unique, but having a brother or sister with autism in a family can affect the entire family dynamic. While much attention is paid to the challenges and difficulties faced by parents and siblings of individuals with autism, growing up with an autistic sibling also offers many advantages and hidden treasures that can help shape an individual’s life and character.

Our panel of siblings will share their experiences, wisdom, stories, challenges, and joys living with a brother or sister with autism. A valuable opportunity for parents, siblings, providers, professionals, teachers and self-advocates.

Please join us!

Thursday November 16, 2017

7:00pm – 8:30pm

Seattle Children’s Wright Auditorium

Park in Lot 1

River Entrance


Facilitated by Tara M. Rutter
Graduate Research Fellow Doctoral Student
Clinical Psychology at Seattle Pacific University


No RSVP required


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Sibling Panel 2017 (PDF)


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