Summer Newsletter: We All Belong

view from below of youth sports team in a huddle

Summer can be challenging for many families who struggle with the loss of structure and activities that school provides, but it also comes with opportunities for individuals of all ages to try new things and make connections that last beyond the season.

This issue includes:

  • The benefits and differences between inclusive and specialized activities, programs and supports.
  • Finding inclusion without losing individuality. Rachel Nemhauser’s article, When Batman Came to Dinner, reminds us all that inclusion doesn’t have to mean blending in; sometimes, it means standing out and allowing the community to embrace differences.
  • Kinship Caregiver Support Programs.
  • Employment funding for High School Transition Graduates.
  • Wraparound with Intensive Services (comprehensive behavioral health services).

2018 Summer Newsletter (PDF)

Front page of the summer 2018 newsletter with Informing Familes banner, introduction by Ed Holen, promotion of Special Olympics Summer USA Games, Link to Free Resource Toolkit.


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