Summer Safety Resources

Spring and summer is a time we get to spend with loved ones doing many of our favorite activities outdoors! Swimming, hiking, or just enjoying the nice weather. Remember it is important to stay up to date and educated on summer safety information. This includes signs of dehydration, water/swimming safety, and how to stay cool in the summer heat. Here are some resources to help you and your family stay safe this summer.


Summer activities are typically spent outdoors or in the water! Safety is an important topic for individuals and caregivers. The Washington State Developmental Disability Administration has put together informational bulletins for caregivers for summer safety.

Dehydration Caregiver Bulletin

Heat Safety Caregiver Bulletin

Water Safety Caregiver Bulletin

Washington State Department of Health provides information and webpages on certain safety topics that can be useful this time of year:

Water Safety 

Water Safety for Lakes, Beaches, and Rivers

Extreme Heat

The American Red Cross hosts a summer safety resource page including topics on water safety, beach safety, camping, picnics, grilling safety, mosquitos and ticks, summer and pets, and fire works. Learn more at



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