Wandering Prevention Resource: Big Red Box

The National Autism Association has a program dedicated to providing direct assistance to caregivers, educators, and first responders regarding wandering and elopement.

Those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may be prone to wandering off or eloping from a safe environment and may be unable to recognize danger and/or stay safe.

Not only do wandering behaviors create worry and stress among caregivers, but it also presents safety risks for the individuals.

The Big Red Safety Box is a free-of-charge toolkit* that is provided to families with an individual with Autism in hopes to help them prevent and respond to wandering-related emergencies.

The Big Red Safety Box includes:
  • Caregiver checklist
  • Family Wandering Emergency Plan
  • First Responder Profile form
  • Wandering-prevention brochure
  • A sample IEP letter
  • Student Profile Form
  • Emotion Identification Cards
  • Wandering Quick Tips
  • Two Wireless Door/Window Alarms
  • One Road ID Bracelet or Shoe ID Tag
  • Four Stop Sign Visual Prompts for Doors and Windows
  • One Safety Alert Window for cars or homes
  • One Child ID Kit from National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

To learn more about the Big Red Safety Box and Wandering Prevention Program visit: https://nationalautismassociation.org/big-red-safety-box/

Other resources available on the site include a free booklet for download for caregivers, First Responders, and teachers.

*Limit one (1) box per family. Previous recipients are not eligible.


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