Adult Life 101: Community Living Supports

House Roof on Question Mark , This is a 3d Rendered Computer Generated Image. Isolated on White.Our latest one page bulletin describes the most common home-based services for single persons and groups, along with some of the less common services. For more information about these programs, including eligibility criteria, visit the Developmental Disabilities Administration page of program fact sheets or click on the links provided below.

Community Living Supports at a Glance

Support for Individuals

Most adults clients of the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) are eligible for PERSONAL CARE services, which provide assistance with daily living (such as dressing, bathing, hygeine, toileting, cooking, housekeeping, shopping).

Personal care is assessed by DDA, or by Home & Community Services (HCS) for those who are not clients of DDA. Services are provided by state contracted individuals or agencies chosen by the person.

NOTE: Personal care services do not include housing. Individuals typically rent with the help of Section 8 or some other affordable housing program. Learn More

Most Common Services

  • Community First Choice (CFC) Personal Care. Includes 22 to 393 hours per month assistance with activities of daily living.

Less Common Services Include:

  • Alternative Living. Up to 40 hrs per month living skills training and support for persons on DDA’s Core Waiver who live in a home they own, rent or lease.
  • Companion Home. 24 hr availability of support and supervision in a provider’s home. This is different than CFC Personal Care and is only offered to individuals on DDA’s Core Wavier.

Support for More Than One Person (Group Living)

Individuals with higher levels of need may receive up to 24 hours per day RESIDENTIAL SERVICES in a home setting with other adults who share services by the same provider agency.

Most Common Group Residential Programs

  • Supported Living. Up to 24-hr per day support, supervision and living skills instruction for individuals living in a house or apartment with one to three others who are supported by the same DDA contracted and certified provider agency. Rent, utilities and other expenses are paid by the individual’s SSI/SSDI benefits or other source of income. Eligibility: DDA Core Waiver
  • Adult Family Home. 24-hour access to assistance with personal care in a provider’s home, licensed by Residential Care Services (RCS) to support 2 to 6 adults. Participation is paid by the individual’s SSI/SSDI benefits or other source of income. Eligibility: Community First Choice.

Less Common Services Include:

Sharing a Home with Others Who Receive Personal Care Services

Some individuals arrange to share a home with one or more adults who also receive Personal Care services. Connect with other families and individuals to locate affordable housing and roommate matches. Be sure to consult with DDA for guidelines and limitations.


Talk to your DDA Case Manager directly or visit DDA’s website to learn more and/or request services.

Adult Life 101 Community Living

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