Enrollments to Open Soon: Part Two

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1. Federal Approval
The federal government must approve our state’s application for an Individual & Family Services (IFS) waiver, as well as the Community First Choice (CFC). If this happens (and it looks like it will), the transition will begin in May of this year for IFS and July for CFC.

2. DDA Transitions to New Programs
IFS: Existing IFS recipients will be transitioned at their annual assessment or earlier if they are already eligible for SSI. New enrollments will be added beginning May 2015.
CFC: Transitioning from personal care to CFC will happen automatically on July 1st.

3. DDA Goes Through Service Request List
Individuals who have requested IFS services, but who are not receiving it (aka, on the wait list), will be contacted by DDA. Individuals who have not yet requested IFS or other waiver services can contact DDA to request services.

4. Assessment for Services & Service Planning
An assessment will determine the amount of service. During the person-centered services planning assessment meeting, case managers will discuss available supports and work with individuals to identify which available programs and services will best meet her/his needs (such as respite, personal care, assistive devices, behavior support, skills acquisition, specialized medical equipment, skilled nursing services, etc.)

5. Waiver Eligibility Determination
A determination of functional and financial eligibility for the waiver will take place. DDA will send waiver eligibility paperwork to individuals who are approved for Basic Plus or IFS Waivers.  It typically takes about 60 days for a client to be active on a waiver after submitting this paperwork. NOTE: Because it’s a waiver program, the parent’s income for minors is waived. Only the individual’s income is considered.

6. Services are Approved
Once an individual is approved for either the IFS waiver or the state CFC personal care plan, case managers will work with individuals and families to identify providers and/or services needed as quickly as possible.


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