A Voice for Dads, a Place to Learn and Connect

The Fathers Network is welcoming of all men who have a child in their life with special health care needs.

We focus on 3 areas:

Connecting men with each other and providing them with information and resources.

Chapters around the state offer a variety of opportunities to gather, chat and (when needed) help each other find resources and information. Some might call these support groups, but we know that can sound a bit touchy feely for some men, so we try to stay away from that label. They truly are casual, low stress, no need to talk if you don’t want to, gatherings.

We have an extensive list of resources on our website, along with regular Facebook postings and a bimonthly email to our mailing list. Individual requests can be emailed to Louis Mendoza. We also have social activities, which can make for a more natural way for people to meet each other. Some of these activities are just for men and some are family oriented.

This connection effort is the core of what we do. Men can be less inclined to ask for help or seek out a connection with someone to discuss the emotional ups and downs they’re experiencing. This can lead to a feeling that no one understands what they’re going through. The opportunity to connect with one or more men who understand can be a significant, if not life changing, experience. Having others to talk things through, and to ask for information or resources without judgement is powerful.

Raising the voices of men.

We feel that it’s important for the voices of these men to be heard. We look for men willing to tell their story and for opportunities for those stories to be told. As part of this effort we offer a workshop called Telling Your Story with a Purpose, for both men and women.

Advocating for equal access to the community for everyone.

We’re working toward that day when everyone will know they will be welcome and accommodated no matter what activity they want to take part in.

Our door is always open. No pressure. No stress. For more information, visit our website or contact Louis Mendoza.


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