Be Your Own Boss: Never Get Fired!

by Dylan Kuehl

I am a Renaissance Man. A man of many
talents. I am an artist, motivational speaker, dancer, powerlifter,
martial artist, drummer in a band, weekly community volunteer, bowler,
starting a band that plays children’s music and I love going to church.

Between the ages of 19-22, DVR (Division
of Vocational Rehabilitation) policy required I fail at traditional
employment before I could select self-employment. When their policies
changed in 2004, I was allowed to create a job for myself where I was
rewarded for my verbal and artistic skills. DK Arts is a PERFECT fit for

It is important that others allow
themselves to be inspired by my business and see the possibilities in
their own life. Find something that you love and brings you joy.
Surround yourself with people who say YES and let NOTHING get in the way
of pursuing your own dreams.

Stay tuned for more profiles celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month throughout October… 


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