Becoming an Individual Provider for CDWA

Do you know someone who would like to become an Individual Provider to provide care to you or your family member? 

Do you and/or your family have a person in mind to be an Individual Provider? They may be someone in your community or maybe another family member. If you have someone who is not yet an Individual Provider for Consumer Direct Washington (CDWA) but you would like to be a paid caregiver, view the steps below.

Steps to Becoming an IP

  1. Begin by having the individual you would like to hire visit to apply as an Individual Provider. They need a valid email to apply.
  2. To become an individual provider they must pass both a state and a federal FBI fingerprint background check to be hired. After they complete the Background Check Authorization Form, they will receive a 10-character confirmation number to email CDWA. After CDWA receives their Interim Results Letter, CDWA will email them a fingerprint appointment and instructions on how to make the appointment.
  3. IPs will need to reach out to the client they would like to work with. That person will need to have their Case Manager or Client/Managing Employee confirm that they would like that IP assigned to work with them.
  4. Once the IP and client have confirmed with a case manager that the IP will work with them, the IP will begin hiring tasks. This includes a completed I-9 form.
  5. Next, the IP must complete five hours of mandatory Orientation & Safety training.
  6. Once the training is completed, the IP will receive an “Okay to Provide” date in their DirectMyCare web portal. The individual provider cannot provide care or submit hours until they receive this date.
  7. The last step is to complete the Client relationship attestations in the DirectMyCare web portal. This last step will ensure that CDWA will accurately pay the IP.

Looking for an IP?

Are you looking for an IP? Visit and register for a free account. You can also call 866-214-9899 for assistance. CDWA does not provide immediate or emergency staffing.


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