Letter from DSHS Clarified

Man with laptop sitting inside a quote boxMany families received letters from DSHS dated July 18, 2015 indicating their benefits were now being managed by Home and Community Services (HCS). The Long Term Care (LTC) Specialty Unit, which is a group of financial workers who support DDA clients, moved from one group within DSHS (the Community Service Office or ‘CSO’) to another group (Home and Community Services or ‘HCS’).

The letter was sent to inform you of this change, along with the new mailing address, phone and fax number. Your benefits have not changed. The move has no influence on your medical coverage or the DDA supports you receive.

If you are a recipient of DDA services and have a food assistance review that is due, please call us for an interview at 1-855-873-0642. Local CSO appointments have been cancelled, but appointments with DDA case managers remain in effect. You do not need to take any further action in response to this letter.


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