Funding for HS Grads

Good news for 2015-16 high school transition graduates! The budget for the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) includes new employment funding for high school transition graduates who:

  • were born between September 1, 1993 and August 31, 1995;
  • want to work;
  • are not on a Home and Community Based Services Waiver (HCBS) , but would like to be; and,
  • are functionally and financially eligible for CFC personal care services.

Anyone who meets these criteria and requests employment services will be placed on the HCBS Basic Plus waiver and begin receiving long-term employment services from DDA*.

Contact your DDA case manager or the No Paid Services Caseload Line in your area (see below).

Employment Services

Individual Supported Employment: discovery (identifying interests, strengths, needs), assessment, job preparation, job placement & coaching.

Group Supported Employment: supervised employment for groups of no more than 8 workers with disabilities in the same setting.

*Note: employment services from DDA are not available until after the individual turns 21 and has graduated from high school.

No Paid Services Caseload Lines

Region 1
Spokane: 800-319-7116
Yakima:  866-715-3646

Region 2
Seattle: 800-974-4428
Everett: 800-567-5582

Region 3
Tacoma: 800-735-6740
Olympia: 888-707-1202


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